A home office with a human figure. 'Working from home' is written in a search bar across the middle.

How to Successfully Work from Home:

  1. Keep to your normal schedule.

    It might be tempting to roll out of bed just before you’re set to start. You might even feel like staying in your pj’s. However, this is only going to tell your brain that it is time to relax! By following your normal daily schedule, and getting changed into some proper clothes, you’ll feel awake and ready to go.

  2. Choose your environment carefully.

    Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t stay in bed all day! Mixing the place you go to relax and the place you go to work is only going to mess with your mind later. You should set up a space away from your bedroom and avoid distractions like the TV. If that’s not possible, set up a space in your room that’s not looking at where you sleep.

  3. Make sure you keep in contact with your colleagues.

    Communication is key! When working from home, it is easy to get stuck in your own personal bubble. This is great for getting things done, but it may leave the people you work with wondering where you are. Try to touch base with them daily – even if it’s just to check in and say hi.

  4. Don’t forget to take your breaks.

    Working from home will feel strange at first, and you might fall into the trap of overworking yourself in order to prove yourself. While you might get a couple of ‘good’ days in, you’re going to burn out quickly – which isn’t going to help anyone. To avoid this, you need to remember to schedule your breaks. You have them for a reason – they are there to help you reset and recharge.

  5. Talk to the people you live with.

    It is important to have a conversation with the people you live with about expectations and boundaries. They need to know that you have work to do. They need to know not to interrupt you when you’re concentrating. This is definitely the hardest step to conquer – after all, you can’t control the actions of other people. However, if you stick to your schedule, the people around you will get used to it.