• Recommended for authors who are almost ready to publish, have already self-edited and completed extensive revisions.

  • Includes one full read-through to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Does not include further comments, feedback, or input from your editor.

  • Recommended for authors who have self-edited their manuscript, require assistance with sentence structure, and would like some input from an editor.

  • Includes one full read-through to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as some editorial input to improve sentence structure and flow.

  • If needed, your editor will flag sentences that require rewriting to improve readability.

  • This service is recommended for authors who have not completed any self-editing and require extensive editorial input.

  • Includes one initial full read-through with in-depth editorial suggestions, feedback, and input as required.

  • After you have revised the initial edit, your editor will check any rewrites and provide further feedback or offer additional direction if needed.

  • After the revision is complete, your editor will complete an additional full read-through to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

For many authors, self-editing can be a challenge. When you are so close to your work, it can be difficult to step back and see it objectively. As an author, you may be more focused on improving the story, characters, plot and your writing style, rather than spotting small textual errors. 

A professional editor is trained to pick up errors and inconsistencies of many different types (spelling, punctuation, grammar, plot holes, character development flaws, awkward dialogue, and so on) so they are able to pick up those mistakes that commonly go unnoticed.

Our editors use the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word, which marks all changes that have been made to the original document. This allows you to visually see the changes and accept or reject them at your preference.  

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