Setting Up Your Book

Once your final draft is ready, our team of editors and designers can help you polish and present your book. We can assist you with all the elements you will need to present your book professionally, such as editing, cover design, and formatting.

Feedback from Past Authors

Absolutely not. There are no costs we don’t discuss with you.

We will provide you with an initial quote based on the specifications of your manuscript at the time.
During the process, we will revise the quote if the specifications change (such as word count, page
count, image count, etc.) and communicate any price changes with you.

Before your print run, we revise your quote and the final print price is calculated based on the
confirmed print run number and book specifications (page count, paper stock, and colour pages).

The average publishing process takes around 3 months to complete. However, many factors can impact
the time frame, such as large manuscripts (80,000+ words), creating custom illustrations,
communication delays, and time of year (e.g. end of year). If you have an urgent deadline, please
discuss it with the team as soon as possible and we will let you know the available options.

As each author’s goals are different, we create a publishing package to suit your individual needs.
During the initial meeting or phone call we will learn more about you, your manuscript and your
aspirations for your book. Based on this information we will put together a proposal that suits you. Our
proposals are itemised so you can see what is included and the cost for each service.

The initial outlay is the key factor for most authors when considering how they will publish their book.
Our packages are flexible and allow you choose which services you would like to include. Our team can
adjust the initial proposal to suit your requirements and budget. However, please remember that
removing initial set-up services such as professional editing, formatting, and cover design will affect the
marketability of the final product.

There is no cost associated or commitment needed to book in an initial meeting or call to discuss your
personalised proposal.

As the owner of the book, you are in control of every process from start to finish. Our team will guide
you throughout the process with the goal of presenting your book as a high-quality, professionally
crafted product that meets current industry standards. However, as the leader of the project that is
your book, we will follow your vision for your book diligently.

As a self-published author, any sales you make go directly to you. We do not own any part of your book
and therefore do not receive royalties from your personal sales.

If you decide to enrol in our optional distribution network (the InHouse bookstore), we take a small 20%
commission from each sale to cover administration costs. There are also wholesale distribution
agreements available which vary in commission percentages.

It is up to you, as the owner and investor, to begin promoting your book after it is published. You may
wish to contact media and/or distributors to promote and sell your book.

We offer post-publishing services that will help you develop your marketing platform and campaign,
such as website creation, online media kit, printed promotional materials, eBook availability, Amazon
print-on-demand (for your international customers), and social media set-up.

If you decide to enrol in our optional distribution network (the InHouse bookstore), we will list your
book for sale on our online bookstore and in our wholesale catalogue. Our wholesale network reaches
over 1,200 bookstores, libraries, and distributors throughout Australia.

You do! By choosing to publish with InHouse Publishing you remain the copyright and legal owner of the
book. Once the services are completed and paid for, we can send you copies of your files, including
cover design files and book internal files.

You make the final decisions throughout the publishing process and there is also no exclusivity with
how you market your book.