Donna Bourke

Donna Bourke is a recently retired Australian Army Intelligence Warrant Officer. She enlisted in 1979, attending the Women’s Royal Australian Army Corps (WRAAC) School. With her military career spanning three decades, Donna worked as a communications and cypher operator, computer technician, manager of intelligence operations, senior intelligence analyst, human intelligence operator and interrogator.

Donna deployed six times during a nine-year period, to East Timor and Afghanistan and also on border protection operations. Severely injured during her operational service, Donna was medically discharged from the Army in 2016.

Her courage, strength and tenacity to live a positive life outside of Defence shines through in her recently published memoir Hidden Courage – My Life as a Female Australian Soldier.

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The inclusion of my book into the Australian War Memorial’s National Published Collection and the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum (ANVAM).

I research military books and books in general written by women. I also educate and update myself on current strategies for managing mental health.

I don’t tend to spend a lot of time formulating a structured plan. Thoughts come into my head and I write (type) them down. When I’m ready, I organise those thoughts/pages into a timeline order which forms the chapters of the book.

My husband.